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A Big Smooch Hello from TYNT Paint Studio in California

A Big Smooch Hello from TYNT Paint Studio in California

Oh 2020. Who would ever have thought you'd be such an interesting year?!

In our little paint world we've had quite a lot happening. What better way to bring you the latest news on all things paint then with an introductory blog! Let's get started...

Although I have been selling and blogging about paint for nearly 10 years — and painting and refinishing even longer — after moving back home to Southern California, I saw that these beautiful paints weren't available anywhere nearby.

And TYNT Paint Studio was born (side note, my amazing graphic-designer-sister-in-law Cora designed my logo...bless her!)


I first opened with a space inside Magnolia Vintage Home in La Habra, California, which is located right on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County.

Many of you wanted to order paint online, which led to the quick launch of the website. When the pandemic hit, online sales went crazy nationwide and I am blessed to have developed a large USA-wide base of customers that I'm very grateful for!

During this time, I researched additional eco-friendly and VOC-free paint lines to bring choices to my clients. I wanted American-made brands that were able to cautiously continue to produce and ship during lockdowns, etc... But first and foremost, I had to LOVE the paint. I had two brands in mind and was thrilled and honored to be welcomed as a certified stockist/retailer/trainer and distributor for both brands — Real Milk Paint and Jolie Paint.


Our Brands


The Real Milk Paint Company is a family business based in Tennessee. Their products blow me away — I'm in love with Half & Half, Outdoor Defense Oil and I use Citrus Solvent for everything.

And can we talk about 60+ colors of Milk Paint?! If you've never used Milk Paint as a stain or as a paint...try it. Try it now! You will fall in love. 




Milk Paint is an all natural pigmented powder that you mix with water to make the amount of paint needed. Milk Paint is thousands of years old and is said to be what was used for cave drawings. It also dons the walls and furniture of century-old European villas. It has zero VOCs and is safe to use on everything from wood to walls including children's toys and serving boards.


More than just milk paint is the range of non-toxic, chemical-free waxes and oils. Tung Oil, Hemp Oil and specialty products like Dark Tung Oil which is pigmented when you want a darker finish on your project. These oils are durable enough for sealing kitchen countertops and floors. They harden to a waterproof barrier while still remaining food-contact safe. No smells, no fumes, no VOCs and designed for indoor and outdoor projects.




Many of our furniture painters have been raving about Jolie Paint and they are so right! Rumored to be the "original" Annie Sloan formula, it is an easy and beautiful paint to use. I love the less prep and I often prefer the hand-painted look of chalk paint over acrylic. It's perfect to layer and distress or you can achieve a gorgeous brushstroke-free finish by lightly sanding between coats and sealing with Varnish rather than Wax. Jolie is my absolute pick for a durable smell-free wall paint and I've used it throughout most of my house. The designer color palette is like no other paint line  offering magazine-quality instruction books for speciality techniques, color mixing fan decks and beautiful aesthetics. It's becoming a best-seller for TYNT and we couldn't be happier.
Oh! And Jolie is made right here in the USA!


An industry favorite, the Fusion family is loyal and we know why...the paint is amazing! Another eco-friendly, zero VOC paint with a beautiful palette of more than 50 colors that requires minimal prep and has built-in sealer! What more could we ask for? You can have a brushstroke free finish and be done, or add metallic waxes, matte or gloss sealer or a stain for whitewashing or antiquing. Excellent for cabinetry, furniture, kitchens and bathroom painting, Fusion Mineral Paint is durable and goes much farther than other paints.
With so many of us working-at-home and reevaluating our surroundings, upcycling furniture and freshening our homes has never been more popular or important. I hope TYNT Paint Studio can be of help to you with our wide range of toxin-free paint and our expertise in painting, refinishing and color consultation.
Give us a call, text, message or email with any and all questions no matter where you are, we are here to help!

Happy Painting,

Feb 22, 2021


Thanks for your time today on the phone.


Ainslee Tillbrook

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